Sebastian Büttner - Projects


In foursquare you choose and share your current location by selecting a venue from a list. But why do you have to choose from a list of venues? I think that’s a bit old fashioned. Wouldn't it be better if you could just take a photo of the place to say where you are?

That's exactly what "Pic-in" does!

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Computer Vision


How can mobile phones assist in forming carpools in rural regions? How can small companies sell tickets on a common mobile platform? My work at Momax explored these questions.

In two projects I developed a conceptual design for a system for ad-hoc-carpooling and a mobile ticketing client for the iPhone.

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Physical Check-Ins

With services like foursquare, people share their locations by doing a check-in. Why not using physical artefacts for checking-in to a location?

Within this project I developed a new concept of physical check-ins for location-sharing services: Check-ins that determine a location reliably by using artefacts from the physical environment around the user.

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Photo by Joel Höglund